Company Profile

“Research Solutions- Pakistan” is a strategic research agency of Pakistan with the aim to assist researchers with their dissertations (M.S & PhD). “AMOS” the latest statistical tool is our core competency and we also provide complete assistance in Defence Preparation and Publication.


To be recognized as the most trusted, professional, passionate and respected firm of Pakistan, which not only satisfies its customer, rather its employee and other stakeholders too.


Our mission is to position our firm that not just excel in research, but also contribute towards growth of Research in Pakistan and eventually becoming the pride of Pakistan.

Academic Research

Our aim is to guide researchers with their university project (M.S level and above). “AMOS”, the latest statistical tool, is our core competency and our services are not limited to, helping students in producing their research papers, rather we have a complete consultancy for “Publication” as well. We aspire to provide “Researchers” with all the necessary Knowledge and Skill to make their research worth it.


Workshop Conducted

Lahore College of Women University, Lahore= Conducted an extensive 2 day workshop regarding the analysis part of an Academic Research Paper in Management Sciences Department, Lahore College University of Women, Lahore on 15th and 16th March, 2016. The objective of the workshop was to facilitate the students of MS degree and the faculty to use a statistical tool ‘AMOS’ for analysis.